Integrirani poslovni sustavi (Remaris), Gastrobit Grc Grupa, and WebStudio (WSPay) continue their business under a common name as part of Monri Payments, their sister company within Payten. Payten Group acquired these companies in 2020 and 2021 and thus secured a leading position in the payment segment in the regional market.

By merging companies, brands Remaris and Smart, favorite cash register solutions for caterers, and Thor, the complete solution for cash registers and back office in stores, officially become part of Monri’s portfolio. With the integration of WSPay, a solution for online payments, Monri has enriched its offer for online card acceptance. It has thus further strengthened itself as a leader in the card payment acceptance segment, serving more than 10,000 merchants in the region.

“By consolidating our operations, our goal is to offer retailers, restaurateurs, and end customers the safest and most innovative payment methods with local support. Colleagues from our sister companies have been indispensable parts of the team for some time, so I am delighted that they are now officially part of the Monri family. With their many years of experience and professional knowledge, they greatly contribute to the growth of the company, and we believe that they will be key in our next business phase as well”, pointed out Damir Čaušević, CEO of Monri.

In in the coming period, we will continue to provide all brands within the company with the best environment for further development and for a significant step forward on the international market”, added Čaušević.

In the card payment segment, Monri processed more than 130 million card transactions in Croatia alone in the past year, i.e., every fifth transaction in non-cash transactions. Customers have encountered Monri’s POS terminals at over 8,500 payment points, primarily in leading retail chains, and as many as 6,000 coffee shops and restaurants use Monri’s ECR (cashier) solutions.

The company operates in the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, as well as in several countries outside the region. With the recent certification according to the PCI P2PE standard, the highest security standard in store card payments, they are strengthening their position for a global breakthrough.

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