Cash register add-ons

Handheld terminals for waiters

By introducing a hand-held terminal in your restaurant, you will speed up the work of waiters, reduce errors in work, and increase the satisfaction of your guests. Find out why.

Increase your traffic by introducing handheld terminals in your venue!

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Accelerates turnover

Save precious time with instant communication of your received orders to your kitchen!

Ensure order quality

Thanks to the electronic transmission of information, reduce mistakes and fulfil all your guests’ orders correctly.

Easier control of orders

Written communication makes it easier for you to review every order in your venue.

Remove crowds and bottlenecks

Reduce the load on the cash register to optimize your venue’s workflow.

Combine a cash register and POS terminal in one device

  • Speed up the card payment process
  • Remove mistakes with card payments
  • At the end of the day, check the automated balance, instead of having to add up slips and totals on POS terminals

Three card billing methods using mobile terminals

Cash register + card billing

All in one!

Thanks to cash register integration, our new Android terminals enable the waiter to place an order and receive card payment on the same device. 

Card payment at the table

Ideal for restaurants!

A handheld Android terminal that enables closing out the table and receiving card payment, without the option of placing orders.

Payment via QR code

Ideal for cafés

Scan the QR code on multiple invoices and charge the guest for all of them in a single transaction! The cash register automatically corrects the payment method on all the invoices.

Which device should you choose?


Budget-friendly option for the introduction of handheld terminals in your hospitality venue. Accept all types of card with one device.


Only on the Remaris cash register

Orderman 5

An accessible handheld terminal from our range of professional hospitality equipment, resistant to blows and falls.


Only on the Smart cash register

Orderman 9

The latest generation of professional hospitality handheld terminal, with a camera and card payment option.


Only on the Remaris cash register.

Invoice and slip printer

Don’t forget the printing of invoices! We can offer you different models:

  • A static, wired printer that you can set up somewhere in the venue
  • Smaller, mobile printers which your waiters can wear on their belts
  • A larger Android terminal with a built-in printer on the device itself

For more details and advice on your best choice of printer, contact our office or your dedicated sales representative.