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Hospitality cash register Remaris

Find out how Remaris cash register can help your restaurant or coffee shop with its ease of use and exceptional management options for the entire business.

Why choose Remaris for your restaurant?

Business in the cloud

All your data, items and invoices are in the cloud. Access your business from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Business optimization

We offer you a large assortment of connections and add-ons that allow you to decide for yourself which processes to automate.

Easy to use

Our system is easy to use, and you can fully customize the main screen to your needs.

Remaris is more than a cash register

Kombinacijom različitih modula i dodataka možete stvoriti jedinstveni sustav koji će vam pomoći olakšati komunikaciju, ubrzati obrtaj i smanjiti greške u radu.

Odaberite kategoriju:

Mobile application

Mobile applications for business overview
  • Complete insight into the current state of your venue on your mobile phone
  • Track sales, best-selling items, reports and invoices
  • Compare traffic with previous fiscal periods
  • Approve bill reversal requests sent by waiters from the cash register
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Mobile terminals (New!)

Mobile terminals for waiters
  • NEW! Combine a cash register and POS terminal in a single device
  • Receive orders and card payments at the guest’s table
  • Reduce order processing time and food costs by eliminating errors
  • Increase guest satisfaction with fast, accurate and quality service
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The kitchen screen speeds up work

Display and processing of orders
Communication with handheld terminals via messages
Display of finished orders
Choose your way of working: fast food, slow food (one or more workstations)

Back office

Advanced options for administering your premises

NEW! Activate the procurement module to send orders to wholesalers
Receiving goods is facilitated through automatic processing of receipts and control of prices, quantities and items
Integrate your business to speed up operations, reduce costs and eliminate errors

Loyalty applications

Deepen your understanding of your guests with loyalty applications

Improve customer retention with your loyalty programs and reward repeat visits
Highlight your brand with benefits you offer guests during ordering and/or paying
Open a direct channel of communication with your guests
Through your guests’ participation in your loyalty program, you will receive valuable information for shaping your offer in the future

Card payments

Increase guest satisfaction by accepting card payments

NEW! We also offer card payments on handheld terminals for waiters, connected to the cash register in a single device
Choose between fixed or mobile POS terminals
Our advanced in-store payment solution gives you full control over your card payments, as well as an advanced admin interface with data, reports and analytics

Integration of your cash registers and back office for optimal business

Integration with delivery services
Bolt, Wolt and Glovo
Integration with wholesale

Automate sending orders and writing receipts

Integration with cameras

Connect accounts with video clips from surveillance cameras

Integration with webshop

Pay for online orders on cash register

Integration with pass systems

Print codes on invoices to limit access to toilets or parking spaces to guests only

Integration with drink pouring systems

Compare quantities poured with billed, or disable dispensing without a recorded order

Integrations with external inventory systems

Complete inventory on your mobile device and compare with cash register balance

Integrations with ERP

Send data to your accountant with no overwriting and errors

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Remaris cash register
Invoice printer
Mobile application


Remaris cash register
Invoice printer
Mobile terminal
Screen for the kitchen


Remaris cash register with integrated printer
POS terminal
Redomat (queuing system) on account


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Remaris – Frequently asked questions

What hardware do you offer for hospitality cash registers?

We have curated a wide range of equipment for our clients chose, so you can choose the tools that correspond to the needs of your hospitality venue. Touchscreens on offer include Partner models Audrey, SP 365BZ, Grace, Cleo, POS 1511, as well as NCR’s Columbus900.

What handheld terminal models can I use with your Remaris cash register?

A novelty in our range of handheld terminals are terminals that combine the functionality of mobile ordering with processing of card payments. They are available on the Sunmi hardware or the Orderman 9 models of handheld terminals.
If you are interested only in mobile ordering, you can select an Orderman 5 device for this function.