Fiscal Cash Registers

Thor Retail Cash Register

A complete management system for goods and materials accounting for small and medium stores

Build the system you need


Retail program with up to 400 items you can enter on the touchscreen, without barcodes.


We offer two wholesale versions, choose the one that fits your business needs.

Production module

Discharge of production work orders

Financial accounting management module

Improve productivity and simplify your internal accounting process using the Thor.fin system

Schedule records

This solution is available as a separate application, or built into the Thor system

Module for retail buyback

Program for keeping track and buyback of secondary raw materials

Work order module

Track status of support orders and connect payments within a single system

FIS integration

Connect to the FIS – Phytosanitary Information System for the sale of SZB (plant protection products)

Cash Register Thor offers solutions!

A complete solution for retailers and wholesalers with integrated accounting

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Ideal solution for stores, on a computer or touchscreen
  • Excellent organisation of warehouses, goods and inventory! Track your intake sheets, import calculations, return receipts, intermediate warehouses and similar documents.
  • Our basic program is the ideal retail cash register with advanced invoicing options, like issuing invoices based on work orders or adding non-existent products on the go
  • Control your retail turnover through reports by different dates, cash registers, workstation, employee and other variables


Choose between the Light or Advanced version of the module
  • Wholesale Light: Upgraded retail program with a basic version for users who occasionally need to issue a VP invoice and monitor wholesale reports
  • Wholesale Advanced: an advanced system for wholesale businesses that supports advanced functions like contracted prices, sign-outs, reservations, consignments and similar


Retail and wholesale upgrade options
  • The production module uses production activities from discharge of production work orders
  • The perfect choice for bakeries thanks to the ease of use of KEUB book reports


The ideal choice for small and mid-size companies which maintain their own financial accounts
  • choose the modules you need your company: financial accounting, incoming and outgoing invoices, KPI, IOS, statements, cash registers, salaries, fixed assets, etc.
  • connected with the leading Croatian banks for data export/import and automated data entry through online banking
  • 100% compatible with the tax administration and FINA (e-porezna and e-regos) for electronic data exchange

Document management

Document management and company liquidation system for complete business digitalisation
  • Scan and upload any documents received by your company (eg. supplier invoices, overheads, offers, contracts, reminders, notices, statements, etc.)
  • This enables you to electronically search, browse or liquidate documents
  • Every employee can be assigned their own level of access and permissions to the documents
  • The system enables digital signing of invoices for liquidation via an app or mobile phone

Working hours

Electronic tracking of employee working hours
  • Electronic keeping of records of working hours for a period of 6 years is a requirement of all business entities in the Republic of Croatia
  • This module can be used as an upgrade to Smart or Thor, but also as an independent application


Mobile inventory application
  • Available on the Android and iOS platforms
  • Take inventory or review product information on any smart phone
  • Use this function to create offers based on input records (basket) of products you have scanned and place orders with suppliers
  • Receive goods from suppliers or arrange to move goods between warehouses by scanning them with the mobile application

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the Thor system on existing equipment?

Thor can be installed on any computer or AiO system with the MS Windows operating system.

Can I use Thor to track my inventory in real time?

Thor connects all incoming and outgoing documents with the state of your inventory in real time, so it is possible to see an up to date item card the real time state of stock by product.

Can I send e-invoices through Thor?

Yes, if you have a contract for sending electronically signed e-invoices with our partner Moj-eRačun, Thor can be set up to send e-invoices to the customers directly from the system.

Can I receive e-invoices from suppliers in Thor?

Thor makes automatically receiving invoices and e-invoices from suppliers through the B2B service which is connected with multiple servers.

Can I issue retail invoices through Thor if I don't have currently have an internet connection on the premises?

In most cases, a retail cash register is installed locally on your computer and no internet connection is required for work and issuing invoices.

Can I connect Thor with the cash register and self-service scales?

The retail module can be connected to all the scales which weight or have the option to import items. This integration is performed using PLU codes which define the product on the scale.

If we have multiple branches, can I use Thor to see the stocks of certain products in other branches?

Thor has several services that enable communication between branches, one of which is “Stock in other warehouses”.