• E-commerce

    We provide online payment accepting on your web or mobile apps. Powerful Monri API will give you more types of payment flows with the highest level of security in the payment industry.


    Our retail point of sale for electronic approval and acceptance of transactions at the merchant's stores. We develop payment applications for our devices and they can work as a Single POS solution.

  • Custom services

    Monri has powerful customized services and solutions for merchants and financial institutions. Our payment platform meets most of varied transactional needs.

Monri is for everybody!

Monri is built for merchants, consumers and acquiring banks. We will help your business grow making cross-border expansion easier, guide you to secure and fraud protected experience, or provide (whitelabel) usage of our gateway technology - use it as your own.

    • Leading independent Croatian payment industry service provider

    • Independant e-commerce and POS transactions processor

    • First payment gateway in SEE region started in 2003

    • Trusted partner of 25 financial institutions

    • Specialized in running projects for banks to receive Visa and MasterCard licences

    • ISO/MSP, Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) and Payment Facilitator for Visa and MasterCard

    • Fully in-house developed payment platform, pre-paid card issuing system, E-wallet software, Risk and Chargeback Management, mPOS and POS solutions

    • First Croatian PCI DSS certified company

    • First company in CEMEA region to be certified on the initial attempt

350 mio EUR

Volume of transactions (per year) with a high growth trend (forecast Q4 2017 - 350 mio EUR, Q1, Q2 2018 – 550 mio EUR)

4 billion

Processed technical queries per month on the platform (Web services, API manager)

3,5 mio Users

2 mil. Users on eCommerce platform 1,5 mio. Users on InterContact platform


Our digital wallet enables consumers to safely spend, manage, control or transfer money.

Easy integration

Integrate with easy methods to create the best solution for your business!

Clients first

We love our clients and work very hard to create solutions that fit their needs!

Integrity and honesty

Monri gives a voice to its values - we are respected and trusted provider of global payment processing solutions while maintaining our core values of Honesty, Integrity and Trust.