Cash register add-ons

Currency counters and authenticators

With our professional products for counting and verifying euro currency, your staff will easily maintain correct balance in their register at all times.

350.000 counterfeit bills

7,5345x more coins

Long shift closures

In 2021, 350,000+ counterfeit euro banknotes were withdrawn from the market. Can your staff recognize them? How do they manage using more coins? How long does it take them to close a shift?

In addition to introducing card payment on your premises and encouraging guests to pay with cards as much as possible, you can get our equipment for more straightforward and safe receiving of cash payments!

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Banknote counter and detector

Quickly check the authenticity of banknotes (<0.5 sec)
A genuine banknote passes through the device with a green light
Counterfeit banknotes are expelled from the device with a sound and a red light signal
Counts authentic banknotes, determining not only their number but also their total value

Price: €129.00 (971.95 HRK)

Coin counter and sorter

Count and sort coins in a single device
Process 200 coins in just one minute!
The screen shows the total counted number of coins, even when coins are inserted multiple times in a single session
When used with our optional plastic tubes, the coins are neatly sorted for carrying in a specialized wallet

Price: €229.00 (1725.40 HRK)

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