Secure card payments

In-store card payments

One device that enables the acceptance of all forms of card payments from leading card houses and banks, both one-time payments and installments.

One device that can do it all

Receive one-off and installment payments from the most popular cards on the market through a single device

Cash register integration

The invoice amount is automatically transferred to Monri’s payment terminal

Unique reports

The automated report sorts transactions by brand of card and contracted accepting bank


Discretion for the customer

The customer uses the device independently and in the case of payment in installments, selects the number of installments on the device

How does Monri increase profit?

We support merchant loyalty programs

Possibility of payment in domicile currency (DCC)

Accelerates billing

With cash register integration, it enables automatic payments and prints an integrated invoice and slip.

Reduces errors

Less rewriting, fewer mistakes! Every transaction is perfectly executed and recorded in your system.

Simplifies reporting

A single report for card transactions for all acceptors (banks) speeds up and facilitates accounting.

Billing flexibility

Our platform allows you to easily and quickly introduce new payment methods, such as installment payments for new banks.

A new marketing channel

You have the option to display marketing messages on terminal screens (by terminal / by point of sale / by merchant)

Supported card brands

Partner banks


Alternative payment methods QR code, cryptocurrencies and payment by mobile wallet.

Monri’s customized reports

  • Transaction reviewing in real time (by terminal, store, card brand, etc.) via Monri InfoSwitch
  • Generation of daily, weekly or monthly reports:

Download reports in .csv, .txt or json format
sending via SFTP server
upload to ERP or SAP system

  • The possibility of creating personalized reports
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How do Monri’s in-store payments work?

Monri’s in-store card payment solution receives and directs your card transactions to different banks, following predetermined rules. Fast, safe, and error-free, every time.

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