Monri Payments, a leading regional company for payment services, is pleased to announce the appointment of Viktor Olujić and Hrvoje Habjanec as new members of its management board. With their extensive expertise and industry knowledge, Olujić and Habjanec will play crucial roles in driving the company’s growth and innovation.

As a board member, Viktor Olujić will assume the position of Technical Team Coordinator, overseeing the coordination of technical teams and spearheading the development of new products and services. Olujić’s remarkable track record includes successfully implementing several pioneering projects within the financial and payment industry in Croatia and the region. Notably, he has led the design and development of the highly acclaimed PKI group of products and security solutions at ASEE Group, a global leader in the industry. Olujić has also been instrumental in creating mobile payment systems and enhancing payment protection for online purchases. Today, his solutions are widely regarded as the best-selling international products within the ASEE Group, trusted by over 150 banks and banking groups worldwide to ensure the security of online transactions.

Hrvoje Habjanec, who assumes the position of a board member, brings over a decade of experience in managing successful companies within the hospitality sector. Notably, he has spearheaded the production of one of the most popular cash registers for caterers and developed a comprehensive IT solution that enables businesses in the hospitality industry to modernize and optimize their operations. Under Habjanec’s leadership, his previous company, Integrated Business Systems, introduced a groundbreaking cloud-based solution tailored for cafes, restaurants, and clubs, revolutionizing the sector’s digitalization. At Monri, Habjanec will continue his mission to drive digital transformation in the hospitality industry by leading the development of Remaris and Smart, two innovative catering solutions, along with Thor, a specialized system for retail and wholesale stores.

“I am proud to welcome two experienced leaders to our management team. Viktor’s impressive track record in the financial and payment industry, along with Hrvoje’s expertise in software solutions for the hospitality sector, will significantly contribute to our ongoing success. In an industry characterized by rapid innovation and growth opportunities, I am confident that their addition to our management team will further strengthen our position beyond the regional borders,” stated Damir Čaušević, General Manager of Monri.

Monri Payments, operating under the umbrella of Payten within the ASEE group, holds a dominant market position in point-of-sale (POS) services in Croatia. Additionally, the company leads the online card processing market in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Macedonia. Monri processed over 130 million card transactions in Croatia’s card payment segment in the past year alone. Every third card payment made in Croatian stores is processed through Monri. The company has grown to employ over 120 professionals since its humble startup beginnings.

Monri’s POS terminals are present in over 10,000 points of sale, primarily within leading retail chains. Furthermore, the company’s cashier solutions are available in over 8,500 cafees and restaurants. Monri is expanding its business to international markets, focusing on Romania and Italy.

Earlier this year, Monri successfully completed the merger of Integrated Business Systems, Gastrobit Grc Grupa, WebStudio, and Monri, uniting them under the Monri brand. This strategic consolidation positions the company for even greater success and enhances its ability to deliver innovative payment solutions and services to its expanding customer base.