Monri Receives Special Recognition Award from Mastercard for Innovation in Payments


Multi-sensory confirmation of transactions on SinglePOS devices and web shops is an innovation that makes Monri Payments stand out on the card payment market

Monri Payments has received a special Innovation in Payments recognition award from Mastercard for the introduction of audible and visual transaction confirmation. It is an innovative solution that enhances the user experience and increases the feeling of security when paying by card, as well as facilitating the use of card payments for people with sight or hearing impairments. The award was given as part of this year’s Golden Basket, an award for the best achievements in retail and the consumer goods industry.


Helena Šekerija, marketing manager at Mastercard, explained why collaboration with Monri on this project is important to them: “According to the MasterIndex survey conducted in April this year, 97% of Croats have a credit or debit card. Quite obviously, we at Mastercard want our card users to feel safe when paying, and the collaboration with Monri helps us in this. Namely, together we have improved the checkout with the introduction of a special solution – sonic logo-audio branding. We continue our successful collaboration with Monri, working together on new projects which we will communicate more about in the coming months.”


Monri is the payments market leader in the retail and HoReCa industry. Through our innovative solutions, we provide merchants with a simple way of accepting payments. We would like to thank Mastercard for recognizing our services and the significant work invested in the payment segment. With our future work, we will continue to be the best partner to our traders”, concluded Monri director Robert Penezić.


As a card payment service provider, in 2021 Monri Payments processed more than 100 million transactions, or every sixth transaction in Croatia, both in physical stores or online. Since 2019, Monri has been operating within Payten, a member of the ASEE Group. This year, Monri’s business was merged with Integrated Business Systems (Remaris) and the Gastrobit Grc Group, leading producers of checkout solutions for retailers and the HoReCa industry, thus enabling customers to get all payment solutions in one place along with professional service.


Today, customers in the region encounter Monri’s products in over 5,500 restaurants and more than 1,000 online retailers, with more than 8,000 SinglePOS devices found in stores.

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