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Answers to frequently asked questions

What are the prerequisites for using the WebPay Payment Gateway system?

You can get to our service quickly and easily by filling out our contact form or send an e-mail to our e-mail address [email protected], after which our sales representative will contact you and submit an offer and the necessary forms. By accepting the offer, you can start implementing the service, which is necessary to have a web store (shop, I don't know what we use). If you do not have a web store and do not plan to develop it, and you want to offer customers the option of card payment, we also offer a PayByLink service that does not require a webshop. In addition, it is necessary to fill in the forms of the banks that you have chosen to accept the cards, after which they are sent for approval to the bank. Upon completion of the implementation, testing and review of the site are performed, after which you are ready to work.

What is the amount of the fee for connecting to the system?

There is no fee to connect to the system.

What is the monthly fee for using the system?

Our service is modular and flexible so the monthly fee depends on the number of transactions and the volume of card transactions. The initial fee is 0.50% per transaction, or a minimum of 30 EUR per month, with the first 6 months you have a 30% discount.

What is the commission per transaction?

The fee is 0.50% per transaction.

Which credit cards are supported?

Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Diners, American Express

Can the layout of the WebPay Payment Gateway form be adapted to the design of the webshop?

Yes, if you use the Monri Components card entry form.