Continuing its expansion strategy Payten has recently bought 80% of shares of Monri Group, a company headquartered in Bosnia & Herzegovina and operating in B&H, Croatia and Serbia.


Monri Group is specializing in deployment of own SinglePOS devices to merchants, providing banks and retailers with WebPay – a “Saas” eCommerce Payment Gateway, as well as developing & selling advanced software solutions for electronic payments.


Piotr Jeleński, Payten CEO, commented that “with this acquisition we are strengthening our payment portfolio with outstanding products and solutions such as SinglePOS Independent POS network, Internet Payment Gateway and POS switching thus enabling improvement of merchants POS experience considerably. I am convinced that having Monri, one of the leading payments omnichannel providers in SEE region, onboard, will boost growth of Payten business within electronic payments”.


Damir Čaušević, Monri Group CEO, explains the importance of company acquisition: “We were a group of enthusiasts who genuinely recognized market opportunities and unsaturated market niches. Our success has subsequently attracted Payten, member of Asseco, that undoubtedly hits the list of top ten software vendors in Europe. For Monri, this is not merely an acquisition, it is a recognition of our efforts, justification of the quality of our work and the best possible opportunity to accelerate further growth and market expansion. We are convinced that the newly created synergy with Payten will open new challenging business journeys and gradually impact the global payment ecosystem."


About Monri   


Monri Group is one of the leading payments omnichannel providers in the SEE region, processing more than 500m EUR transactions annually. The company develops and sells the following advanced software solutions for various electronic payments: SinglePOS solution, POS transactions switch, Payment Gateway with MPI infrastructure & mobile SDK, eWallet platform, risk & fraud monitoring systems, GateCon switch for card present payment solutions, as well as many other services such as development of Android and iOS applications or mobile payment SDK solution for specified platforms for retail, hospitality, vending, parking and transportation merchants. Monri provides high-quality online and in-store card processing services in cooperation with over 20 financial institutions within EU territory as well as several countries outside EU territory – Nigeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro - to more than 500 merchants.